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With localized contracts, easy invoice management, and best-in-class compliance, you can grow your team in Saudi Arabia with confidence. Currently, you can hire and manage contractors in Saudi Arabia through Remote, but our EOR services are not yet live.

Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
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Services available in this country:
Contractor Management
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Employment termination in Saudi Arabia

Termination process

Saudi Arabian labor law provides a lot of leeway for employers to let workers go, but compensation must be provided if a termination is unjustified.

Notice period

Notice periods range from 30 days for fixed-term contracts, to 60 days for indefinite-term contracts.

Severance pay

Unless the contract includes specific compensation for the termination by either party for an invalid reason, the party affected by termination shall be entitled to compensation as follows:
1. For indefinite-term contracts: an amount equivalent to fifteen-day wage for each year of the worker’s employment.
2. For fixed-term contracts: the wage for the remainder of the contract term.

The compensation referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) above shall not be less than the worker’s wage for two months. Additionally, upon the end of the employment relation, the employer shall pay the worker an end-of-service award equivalent to the amount of half-month wage for each of the first five years and a one-month wage for each of the years worked thereafter.

Probation periods

Probation periods are typically limited to 90 days but can last for up to 180 days with the consent of both parties.