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Not sure how much to offer candidates in new markets, or for new roles?

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Say goodbye to guesswork and lengthy negotiations with compensation insights in Remote.

With access to our proprietary benchmarking data, you can make salary offers with confidence, knowing they are competitive and fair in each candidate's local market.

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Tired of spending hours researching salary norms across the globe, but struggling to find useful insights? Fed up with costly compensation benchmarking tools?

It's time for a change.

Remote streamlines the compensation planning process and simplifies your HR stack. Every Remote customer can access free, global salary benchmarking - right in your dashboard.

What they say

Global businesses love Remote

  • “We work with 460+ contractors. I’d need to employ 5 or 6 people full time to keep on top of compliance, manage individual invoices, work with accountancy firms and make payments in multiple currencies. Remote has definitely been a timesaver and a money saver for us.”
  • "Remote’s user-friendly Contract Management interface and easy onboarding process simplify the entire contractor management process, and also includes a global payroll solution, which allows us to onboard and pay contractors worldwide in their local currencies efficiently."
  • "If we had to coordinate everything in-house I’d have to hire an extra 4 people to manage the entities, the local solicitors, tax firms, accountants, payroll and translation services: it would cost upwards of $500,000 extra per year. Remote takes that burden off of our plate."

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With a world of possibilities, where should you focus your hiring efforts?

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Top features

  • Guided onboarding and offboarding

  • Employee profile and document management

  • Time and attendance (time off and tracking)

  • Expense management and reimbursement

  • Employee self-serve on the platform and mobile app

Employer of Record

Hire and pay your global team

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Top features

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • No deposits or hidden fees

  • Zero onboarding or offboarding fees

  • Compliant equity incentives support including withholding and reporting

  • Built-in security and compliance

  • Fast onboarding (average 2-3 days)

  • Flexible, localised benefits

Contractor Management

Compliantly onboard and pay contractors


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Top features

  • Only pay for contractors you actively work with

  • Work with contractors in 200+ countries

  • Create, edit, and sign tailored, localised contracts

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click or auto-pay

  • Transparent payments with complete visibility

Global Payroll

Consolidate your multi-country payroll


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Top features

  • Reduce costs by centralising payroll management

  • Ensure local compliance for every country

  • Direct support from in-house local payroll experts

  • Accurate, on-time, compliant payroll to level-up your employee experience

  • Tax and labour authority reporting handled for you