Risk-free equity incentives and ESOPs for global teams

Your blueprint for managing a globally compliant employee stock options plan

What you can expect inside

ESOPs (employee stock options plans) and equity incentives are the ideal talent magnet for fast-growth companies, but offering these plans to a globally distributed team can be a legal nightmare. If you don’t stay compliant with each country’s unique regulations, you could run into serious consequences.

  • How equity laws change across borders

  • Managing international taxation requirement

  • How to keep equity offerings fair for all employees

  • Common mistakes companies make when offering equity

  • The simple way to manage equity offers for a global team

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Use this guide as a blueprint to simplify global compliance when you start offering equity incentives to international employees. Share with your team and anyone in your network anyone who is struggling with the challenge of managing stock options and other incentives to a global team. This guide is ideal for Finance and Legal team executives who are trying to build globally equitable but locally competitive compensation programs.