Create custom connections with the Remote API

With the Remote API, our customers can build bespoke automations that will power more workflows and open up the full potential of their global employee data, all from within their most loved enterprise systems.

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Transform your HR operations with the Remote API

One Integrated View

Give your HR team a one-stop experience. With the Remote API, your HR team can access a single view of your entire team – regardless of where employees are located – so you get more value from your workforce data and make better decisions.

  • Consolidate global employee data and create a single, comprehensive view of your workforce 

  • Streamline data maintenance for your HR teams and drive increased productivity

  • Feed employee compensation data into your company reports for enhanced insights

Painless Payroll Automation

Pay your employees on time, every time with confidence. From localized contracts to payment in almost any currency, the Remote API optimizes your payroll processes for global scalability.

  • Make payroll easier and more efficient with workflows integrated with your accounting platforms

  • Connect systems to easily manage all payslips and employee documents in one place

  • Enable spot bonuses and other custom incentives for improved employee satisfaction

Streamlined Operations

Benefit from better insights at every stage of the employee journey. Use the Remote API to seamlessly sync your employee data across platforms in near real time.

  • Save time and avoid onboarding delays by adding new hires with a single click

  • Simplify employee onboarding with automatic workflows that eliminate duplicate data entry requests

  • Automate offboarding processes in compliance with local regulations to avoid costly penalties

Increased productivity and efficiency

Remote's integrations have made our customers’ HR teams 47% more efficient, saving on average 10.4 hours of manual work, according to a recent customer survey.*

*From a Remote customer survey in March 2024. The statistics represent typical user experiences with Remote and are for informational purposes only. Actual results may vary.

What can you do with the Remote API?

The possibilities are endless – below are just a few examples of what you can solve with the Remote API.

  • Automate employee onboarding

    Save time and avoid onboarding delays by adding new hires to the Remote platform with a single click.

    Automate employee onboarding
  • Sync employee details to an HRIS

    Have a single view of your entire team’s data, regardless of location so that you can generate insightful reports.

    Sync employee details to an HRIS
  • Merge compensation data and reporting

    Feed the latest employee compensation data from Remote into your company reports for enhanced insights.

    Merge compensation data and reporting
  • Automatically provision apps for new hires

    When a new employee completes onboarding through Remote, automatically provision all the apps and systems they'll need through your identity and access management platform.

    Automatically provision apps for new hires
  • Update an employee’s manager

    Reporting structures are constantly changing. When an employee’s manager changes, automatically sync the change to Remote.

    Update an employee’s manager
  • Keep job titles accurate everywhere

    Use the Remote API to sync titles to other applications such as Slack or your primary HRIS system.

    Keep job titles accurate everywhere
  • Automatically welcome new hires

    It’s official, your new team member has finished onboarding! Automate sending them a welcome email with everything they need to know for their first day.

    Automatically welcome new hires
  • Add employees to an equity management system

    As new employees are activated in Remote, save time and data entry by automatically adding them to your equity management system.

    Add employees to an equity management system
  • See more examples and use cases

    Check out other challenges you can solve for your HR team and employees with the Remote API.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Remote API endpoints are free for our customers, and you can create as many connections as you like. 

All of our Remote API endpoints are self-serve. Our Remote API documentation has everything you need to easily consolidate and share global employee data across platforms. You can also visit our Remote API Customer Portal where you'll find full details, docs, and use cases to help you on your journey.

There is a sandbox environment available if you want to experiment with the API and validate results before making changes to your production account. Visit this page to find out how your team can access the sandbox environment.

Yes! Learn more about our existing integrations and how to connect with 5,000+ tools via Zapier here. Please keep in mind that some of our partners require payment or a subscription to use their product before you can integrate it with Remote.

We’re always on the lookout for partners who want to connect their people platforms, payroll tools, and other HR systems to Remote. Visit this page to reach out to us and chat more about your options.