Webinar: An exclusive look at new research on global benefits

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Which benefits are most important to distributed teams? How can companies design benefits plans that are competitive in global markets?

In this special event, three benefits experts from Remote will reveal an exclusive first look at all-new research regarding benefits plans for global teams. Tune in to be the first to learn new insights into cross-cultural benefits plans; evolving expectations for remote and flexible work; and the key to a diverse, sustainable workplace culture in 2023 and beyond.

What will you learn?

  1. What employees in different cultures expect from their benefits packages
  2. How to create competitive benefits plans to attract top talent
  3. How to manage a global benefits policy with DEI at the core
  4. Which benefits drive employees to stay — or compel them to leave
  5. Where gaps in management and employee perceptions exist (and how to fix them)

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Your Super Speakers

Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about how they’ve created winning strategies.

Amanda Day

Director of People Enablement

Amanda is the director of people enablement at Remote where she leads the People Partner and Learning & Development teams. She is passionate about balancing empathetic and strategic, remote-first approaches that enable employees to be their best selves in and outside of work. Amanda brings years of people and operations experience from within the global startup space.

J Michael McMillan

Senior Manager, Global Benefits Advisory

J. Michael McMillan is the senior manager of global benefits advisory at Remote. As a leading expert on international benefits, J. Michael is an invaluable advisor for companies looking to expand their hiring plans into new regions. He has helped companies from across the globe offer competitive, comprehensive benefits plans to scale their teams and retain their top talent.

Rhiannon Payne

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Rhiannon Payne is the author of The Remote Work Era and a product marketing leader at Remote, specializing in benefits and country knowledge. She is passionate about working while traveling, remote work advocacy, mental health advocacy, and mentoring others. Outside of her work at Remote, Rhiannon is currently planning her second book and investing in early-stage startups.