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Services available in this country:
Employer of Record ProductContractor Management
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Employment termination in Armenia

Termination process

Employees in Armenia may only be terminated for one of the reasons outlined in Armenia’s labor laws. Some of these reasons include loss of confidence in the employee’s ability to perform the duties of the role, unexcused absences, and refusal to cooperate with a medical exam. Reasoning for termination should be provided to the employee in writing.

Notice period

Notice periods in Armenia increase depending on the tenure of the employee. These periods may vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. Here are a few of the most common situations:

  • Employees on probationary periods are entitled to three days of notice.

  • Employees leaving by mutual agreement are entitled to seven days of notice.

  • Employees being terminated because of a change in the essential terms of the employment are entitled to 14-60 days of notice, depending on tenure.

  • Employees and employers ending a fixed-term employment agreement must provide 10 days of notice to the other party.

There are many other circumstances in which notice periods may change. If you employ someone in Armenia through Remote and have questions about terminations, our legal experts can provide information specific to your situation.

Severance pay

In Armenia, severance pay amounts vary depending on the tenure of the employee and the reason for termination. For layoffs and employees made redundant, one month’s salary is the norm. In other situations, two weeks’ salary is the norm, unless an employment agreement stipulates otherwise.