IP and data
protection guide

If you're growing your team across borders, use this guide to future-proof your business and keep all of your customer and employee data safe.

Protect the IP and sensitive data of your global team

Employing a global workforce unlocks incredible potential for growth for your business — but global opportunities also bring significant global challenges.

Protecting your intellectual property and sensitive data is tricky enough in one country. Add multiple to the mix, and you now have to protect the interests of your company against a host of factors.

This guide shines a spotlight on the most important considerations for companies hiring international employees and contractors, and offers expert advice to help you minimize risk.

The expert advice you can expect inside

  • The consequences for failing to protect your intellectual property
  • How to successfully protect your IP rights while you build a global team
  • The importance of fully owned local entities and employment law experts
  • Tactics and strategic advice to protect the customer PII and employee data

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