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Make employment in Morocco easy. Let us handle payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, and even stock options for your team in Morocco, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Services available in this country:
Employer of Record ProductContractor Management
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    Moroccan dirham (DH, MAD)

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Services available in this country:
Employer of Record ProductContractor Management
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Employment termination

Termination process

Employee contracts can be terminated if a just cause is established, such as dishonesty, negligence, fraud, or any other work-related offences and prior notice should be provided in advance.

Notice period

Notice periods under Moroccan law are dependent on an employee’s tenure, i.e., how long they’ve worked with the employer.

Notice periods for executive staff

  • 1 month: up to 1 year of employment

  • 2 months: 1 – 5 years of employment

  • 3 months: More than 5 years of employment

Notice periods for non-executive staff

  • 8 days: Up to a year of employment

  • 1 month: 1 – 5 years of employment

  • 2 months: 5+ years of employment

Severance pay

Employees are entitled to a severance package after having worked with the employer for at least six months, structured according to the employee’s tenure with the employer.

  • First five years of employment: 96 hours pay

  • 6 – 10 years of employment: 144 hours pay

  • 11 – 15 years of employment: 192 hours pay

  • 15+ years of employment: 240 hours pay

Probation periods

Probationary periods are allowed and may be renewed once. For indefinite term contracts, their initial durations are:

- 3 months for executives

- 1 1/2 months for white collar workers

- 15 days for blue collar workers

Fixed term contracts may have probationary periods of up to one day per week of the contract, with a cap of 2 weeks for contracts of less than six months and a cap of one month for contracts of longer than six months.