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  • Attract top global talent

    Get the tools and resources you need to recruit remote workers and onboard them to your team.

  • Hire abroad with ease

    No matter where your top candidates may live, you can, hire, manage, and pay remote workers anywhere with Remote.

  • Make informed remote compensation decisions

    Get access to the data and insights you need to make competitive offers to remote candidates in other countries.

Global Talent

Attract top global talent

Leverage our platform to attract the world's best remote workers. Post job listings on leading remote job boards, positioning your company as a top destination for remote professionals. Develop and implement cost-effective global recruitment strategies to access a vast pool of qualified candidates beyond your local area.

Global Expansion

Hire abroad with ease

Expand your team internationally with our comprehensive HR platform. Onboard employees across multiple countries quickly and compliantly with Remote (Employer of Record) EOR, manage both contractors and employees in a single system, and handle HR processes efficiently from onboarding to offboarding.

The most cost-effective way to find great remote workers

The longer you take to hire, the more expensive recruiting becomes. Remote Talent charges a low flat rate to help you fill your open roles more quickly and on budget.

Remote Talent

Reach top-tier professionals from every corner of the globe

Starts at $119/month

Top features

  • Easily share open roles

  • Get noticed by diverse, qualified candidates across the globe

  • Transparent information for targeted recruitment

Expert insights, just one click away

Integrations make Remote even better

We play well with others. Connect Remote to some of the world’s top names in HR and see how good life can be when all your tools work together.