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In most countries, employers offer supplemental benefits (such as private health insurance) to attract the best talent and build more trusting workforces.

Our team of global benefits experts have done research on market norms to create competitive local benefits packages in countries around the world. Sign up now to access our full cost calculator, which includes benefits estimates and more to make budgeting for new hires a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote’s employee cost calculator helps hiring managers understand the total cost of employment (TCE) for employees in different countries globally.

The total cost of employment shown in this free, easy-to-use calculator is the employee’s salary plus all mandatory contributions for government programs. These contributions are taxes like healthcare, retirement, unemployment, and other programs, which vary by country. When you hire an employee with Remote, these taxes will automatically be applied during payroll.

To use our employee cost calculator, simply enter the employee’s location, title, and salary. We’ll then calculate the cost to hire in that country based on that employee’s salary. You can compare the cost to hire across multiple countries, and then download the output as a handy PDF to keep on file and share with your team. It’s the perfect tool for planning and budgeting new hires to inform your global expansion.

We also have an expanded version of the employee cost calculator located in our product dashboard, which includes a specific breakdown of all contributions as well as the estimated cost of supplemental benefits that are expected in that country. You can access our expanded cost calculator by signing up with Remote today. It’s free to get started with no commitment required.

With this publicly available, free to use employee cost calculator, you can get an understanding of the cost to hire a new employee based on the social contributions required in their country of residence. This encompasses taxes for government programs like healthcare, retirement, unemployment, and more. When you hire with Remote as your employer of record (EOR), these costs are automatically applied during payroll.

Our publicly available calculator does not show the specific breakdown of social contributions (i.e. 8% for healthcare, 5% for social security) – you simply see the total cost to hire as a single line item, inclusive of all programs. 

You can find a specific breakdown and more information about these programs by signing up with Remote and using the expanded version of our employee cost calculator, located within our product dashboard. 

Our expanded employee cost calculator also offers estimates for the cost of supplemental benefits that employees might expect to receive in their local market. Remote offers competitive local benefits plans at low costs in most countries we hire in, which provides your global team members with the support they need to thrive. Offering the best local benefits also helps you attract and retain the best talent around the world. 

To access Remote’s expanded employee cost calculator, sign up today! It is free to get started and use the calculator, whether or not you decide to onboard an employee with us. 

Remote supports employment in countries around the world with our employer of record (EOR) services. The countries in the dropdown are representative of the countries we can currently support. If you don’t see the country you’re looking for, don’t worry – we are constantly expanding and further developing our tools to help our customers hire everywhere! Check out our Country Explorer for more detailed information.

Employees will also be required to pay a certain amount of taxes, depending on local regulations. This is automatically deducted from their salary during payroll. At this time, neither our publicly available employee cost calculator or expanded calculator shows the taxes the employee is responsible for, but our in-house hiring specialists are here to help advise our customers and their employees about their requirements.

In today’s global economy, it’s vital for businesses to expand their hiring outside their local market. 

Hiring globally allows employers to scale more quickly. You don’t have to wait for the perfect candidate in your local market when there are many workers around the world who have the skill sets you need. In a competitive hiring environment, businesses open to hiring anywhere have a huge advantage over more insular competitors. 

Hiring employees around the world also brings new creative perspectives to your team, which in turn can lead to building better products and reaching customers in new markets. Diverse and inclusive workforces are also known to be more productive

Hiring remote team members can also be more cost effective. Remote, global teams don’t require expensive office space, and your company develops greater coverage across multiple time zones to improve customer support responses and ship products faster.

So you know how much it costs to hire in a country – what comes next?

Remote is an employer of record (EOR) with owned business entities in countries all over the world (no third parties!). We help our customers hire, pay, and offer benefits to their employees in these countries. We handle compliance and HR while you focus on scaling your business, all for a flat fee per employee. It’s that simple. 

If you’re ready to start hiring around the world, get started by onboarding your first employee with Remote today!