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Remote is well-funded, growing quickly, and looking for top talent to help us build the complete Global HR Platform for international organisations big and small. With a diverse team that works asynchronously around the world — and amazing perks like unlimited PTO and company options — now is a great time to come aboard the Remote rocketship!

Our values guide our actions

Remote’s values guide individual actions and shine through everything we do.

  • Care

  • Innovation

  • Transparency

  • Intensity

  • Excellence

World-class compensation

Remote work isn’t about finding cheap labour — it's the ability to hire the best person for the job regardless of where they live.

Our Total Rewards philosophy ensures fair, unbiased compensation and equity pay for all.

Benefits and perks

At Remote, we invest in our people. Our country-specific benefits and company perks help employees feel valued, respected, and cared for:

  • Unlimited personal time off

  • Flexible working hours

  • Company stock options

  • Other country-specific benefits

  • Paid parental leave

  • Learning budget

  • Home office setup

  • Co-working allowance

  • Mental Health Support

  • Branded swag

Belong anywhere

Our diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion efforts are on full display. We want every member of the Remote team to feel a sense of belonging and bring their unique talents, experiences, and culture to the table. The Remote team at a glance:


More than 75 nationalities represented


More than 50 languages spoken


6 (only Antarctica left to go!)

Team members

1,100+ and constantly growing

Life at Remote


While every Remote department has the same mission—to help our customers employ anyone, anywhere, compliantly—learn more about each team’s focus.

  • Sales and Sales Enablement

    Sales helps employers to sign up to global employment. Sales is the team responding to incoming queries, and seeking out companies that could benefit from a global talent pool. To enable them to embody our value of Transparency, we have a fair price guarantee. They help customers understand why solving global employment is important. Sales Enablement makes sure resources, product updates, and training is available to the sales team. Sales Enablement makes sure that content is created, available, and easy to action for the sales team. They handle queries, questions, and help connect sales representatives to operational teams when customers-to-be have questions.

  • Legal

    Supporting internal teams to make global employment legally safe. The team supports all departments across all queries, but especially contractual and employment law. They train everybody, and support them when they have questions.

  • International Expansion

    Doing the hard work that makes global employment logistically possible. The team is responsible for achieving our mission at its core, to employ anyone, anywhere, compliantly. They're responsible for opening and managing our entities, making sure we have a legal presence in all our countries of operation. 

  • People

    Supporting every individual at Remote. The People team put in place process and guidance to make sure the entirety of Remote remains aligned to its goals, objectives, and values. A key priority is to also make sure Remote is safe, inclusive, and an amazing place to work for everybody. In the spirit of transparency, we made some of our policies public for you to read. This includes total rewards, people excellence, people enablement, learning and development, documentation and recruitment.

  • Product

    Expanding the Remote product and improving the experience of those employed globally. The team listens to Remote's problems and customer needs, and makes as much of it as self-service as possible through the Remote product. They extract insight from product requests, bug reports, and constantly iterate to improve the product we offer.

  • Remote Financial Services

    Making sure Remote is a 100% compliant and trustworthy financial institution. Remote is a financial services company. Such a company needs to have their financial transactions reviewed and assessed, to make sure all is legal. That is what the Remote Financial Services team is here for.

  • Operations

    Providing the services that keep global employment smooth. The amazing team that helps customers through the entire employment journey of their employees, end to end. Includes Customer Experience, Payroll, Benefits, Onboarding, Mobility, and Employee Lifecycle.  Want to know more? Read more about what, as an EOR, we do for customers here.

  • Design

    Making global employment more accessible with an easy to use Remote product. The team that ultimately makes beautiful documents, images, and interfaces to help customers use our product with ease! Includes Product Design, User Experience, and Marketing Design.

  • Engineering

    Building the Remote product to make global employment as easy as possible. Want to know more? The Engineering career path and rulebook are both public. You can also read up on the Remote Flow which is used to make sure the workload progresses smoothly.

  • Finance

    Fuelling the company so that it can offer global employment to as many businesses as possible. The team is a core function of our ability to do business and fund growth plans. Includes Accounting, Tax, Treasury, FP&A, and Systems Operations.

  • FinTech

    Keeping our payments services ahead of the curve. The team that helps expand our service operations with automated payments, and wider options for payments. Includes Payments Operations and Accounts Receivable.

  • Marketing

    Spreading the message of how easy it is to employ globally with Remote. The team that (maybe) is the reason you have heard of us! Includes partnerships, performance marketing, product marketing, PR and comms, commercial strategy and international growth.  This team is responsible for our blog, and fun research like the best destinations for remote work.

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