Employ anyone
in the world.

Employ anyone, regardless of where they live. We do all the hard work*

* payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, and everything else.

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Global employment

Employ your own
people locally

Great talent is distributed evenly across the world, yet great companies are not. You can hire the best person on the planet for any particular job regardless of where they are.

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Fully compliant

We take care of payroll, benefits and compliance

Full employment, local to each and every employee, but a single invoice for the employer. Remote manages payroll and compliance, aligning the standards of the employer with local regulation.

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Seamless management

Easy to onboard and pay your hardworking team

With employee onboarding done in minutes and automatic payments, you can focus on your people - not bureaucracy.

What you can do with Remote

We make global employment click-easy.

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Effortless onboarding

From compensation calculations to information collection and digital contracts -- all in your browser.

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One-click payroll

Validate every month’s payroll in a single click. Only dive into the details if strictly necessary.

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All the documents

A single source-of-truth for all employment-related documents.

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Global experts

We can answer any question and help with any challenge when employing across borders.

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Efficient compliance

Meet compliance requirements with time-saving alerts and tools, not complex processes.

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Go beyond monetary compensation and offer other perks to your global workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out if you have any aditional questions.

Click the button above to setup a call with us. We'll walk you through the steps, allowing you to employ someone through Remote in a matter of minutes.

In practice, to employ Jane: Remote acts as the employer-of-record in the country Jane lives, entering in a local employment agreement with her. Janes work for you as any other employee. Remote takes care of payroll, all local compliance, statutory payments, social and pension contributions, and income tax retention ("pay as you earn").

Remote bills and pays out monthly. We invoice or automatically withdraw the required amount after you've validated payroll (around the 15th of the month).

Employees are then paid on the last day of the month, at latest.

We charge your company in the local currency when possible, or default to US Dollars. Employees are always paid the same amount in their own local currency.

When your company's currency is different from the employee's currency, we charge enough in your company's currency to meet the employment costs in the employee's currency.

This means that currency fluctuations may impact the amount you pay, never your employees.

We use the mid-market rate and any applicable fee passed on by our provider at cost at the time of billing.

It's very easy. You can do everything in our app, or if you rather reach out - that works too. In addition, every employee gets their own access to Employ, allowing to manage their own information, documents, and log paid time off.

Benefits are rolled out based on demand, country-by-country. Please contact us for further details. We don't support stock options yet, but are looking into solutions that work across borders.

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Total Cost of Employment

We charge a percentage over total cost of employment. A small part of this is to cover direct expenses. The majority is to cover risk and liability.

We find that even for top 1% salaries, Remote is more affordable than alternative solutions, including other employers of record, and managing your own entity.

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