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Our team of experts help you with withholding, reporting, and navigating special tax regimes (such as Section 431 Elections in the UK). We are the only global HR provider to offer comprehensive RSU support (not just “virtual shares”). Even better: Remote EOR customers get RSU support at no additional cost.

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Top employees expect equity compensation. Remote helps you compliantly reward employees with RSUs no matter where your team operates.

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Don’t let anyone on your team feel like a “second- class” employee because of where they live. By partnering with Remote, you can ensure equitable total rewards and a consistent employee experience across borders.

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RSUs or stock options?

It’s crucial to understand the difference between offering restricted stock units and stock options, the pros and cons of each, and at what stage shifting from stock options to RSUs might make sense for your company.

  • RSUs vs. stock options

    While stock options provide the right to purchase company shares at a predetermined price, restricted stock units (RSUs) represent an actual ownership interest in the company, granted to employees at no cost.

  • RSUs are a better choice for more established companies

    As companies mature, their equity compensation strategies need to evolve with them. Shifting from stock options to RSUs often makes sense for later-stage companies that have a more stable market presence, making the value of RSUs less volatile compared to stock options (which are often favoured by smaller startups).

  • RSUs are a top choice for retaining your global talent

    Retaining top talent is increasingly critical as companies become more established. With relative stability, a direct link to company performance and growth, and no need to purchase shares, RSUs are often more sought-after by employees compared to stock options. This makes them a powerful tool for attracting the best candidates, fostering loyalty, and motivating team members to contribute to the company’s success long-term.

  • RSUs eliminate upfront costs for employees

    Unlike stock options, where employees need to pay a 'strike price' to purchase shares, RSUs are granted outright once vested, eliminating any upfront financial burden on employees.

  • RSUs have potential downsides, too

    RSUs are often perceived to have lower upside potential compared to stock options, because stock options allow employees to benefit from the increase in a company's stock price over a set period while the value of RSUs is more directly tied to the company’s current market value. Additionally, issuing RSUs can sometimes lead to dilution of value if a large number of RSUs are granted. These downsides need to be considered before proceeding with an equity plan.

  • We’re here to help

    While RSUs can be a valuable part of your company’s compensation toolkit they may not always be the best option. It’s crucial for leaders to weigh the pros and cons of RSUs compared to stock options and consider their specific circumstances when deciding on an equity compensation strategy. If you have questions, schedule a call with a Remote incentive planning expert now.

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