Remote Talent Community Guidelines

Our commitment to job seekers

The demand for remote work has made job seekers susceptible to scams, with the inherent anonymity and distance making it easy to exploit hopeful candidates. Remote Talent was founded on the principle of guiding job seekers to genuine remote work opportunities, distinguishing itself from the prevalent spam.

As recognised leaders in remote work, we uphold an exceptionally high standard for all companies and roles featured on our platform.

Compromising on these standards would not only fail our candidates but also betray our core mission of being the most candidate-forward platform globally. Therefore, irrespective of varying local regulations, we insist that all postings on Remote Talent adhere to our guidelines. Failure to comply will lead to the removal of listings, and repeat violations will result in an account ban.

Below, we have spelled our the requirements for listings and behaviour of employers on our platform:

Candidates have a right to know what they’re applying for via Truthful and Accurate Job Descriptions.

1. Provide a legitimate title for the role

All roles require a legitimate title. We define legitimate title as one which indicates the hierarchy, role, department, and/or specialisation of the position.

Acceptable titles include but are not limited to Senior Graphic Designer or Head of Digital Marketing. Examples of titles violating this term include Unique Opportunity, Work from Home or Manager

2. Add a company website

Jobs and company profiles must have an associated company website where candidates can learn a reasonable amount of information about the company including industry, business objectives, and location.

Examples of violations include: linking to anything other than a publicly accessible web page — like a WhatsApp group, a personal email, or a phone number. Other violations include linking to invalid websites that return a 404 or similar error, or linking to a website that does not contain a reasonable amount of company information.

3. Offer contact information

Jobs and company profiles must have an associated way to get in touch with the team such as the business email address of a hiring manager.

Employers must use Remote Talent for its intended purpose and it’s intended purpose alone (connect talent to opportunities)

4. Provide an easy and legitimate way to apply

Jobs and company profiles must provide a valid and up-to-date application link or mail:to address for candidates who wish to apply.

How to Apply should be obvious and completable within a reasonable amount of time.

Violations include apply links that return 200 or 404 errors, or redirects to websites not containing an application form or instructions.

5. Meet Remote Talent compliance standards

Remote Jobs is a global job board. While hiring compliance differs from region to region, we maintain a high bar for compliance that companies must abide by regardless of location.

Job postings must not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability, or genetic information.

Roles must meet EEO, ADA and ADEA guidelines that prohibit discrimination in employment.

Postings must also abide by The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

6. Advertise base pay where possible

Certain roles that are compensated on a commission-only basis may not be allowed on our platform due to the increased likelihood for worker exploitation and increased FLSA violation risk.

Additionally, roles that are entirely unpaid (such as unpaid internships) are prohibited.

While advertising the pay range is not a requirement for posting a role, roles must be posted in good faith with a planned base compensation.

7. Do not request private personal data

Jobs and their associated applications may not include any requests for information that could infringe on an applicant's privacy rights. This includes bank information, home address, social security number, or medical history.

8. Unethical companies are prohibited

We reserve the right to remove jobs from companies which prioritise profit over legality or the well-being of customers, employees and the general public. Businesses operating in an unethical, deceptive, or illegal manner are prohibited.

For example, we do not allow MLMs, Predatory Lending, Phishing Operations, Data Harvesting, or Gambling Operations to post advertisements on our site.

Requiring an upfront investment or payment by the candidate is strictly prohibited.

Finally, companies must operate in good faith, respecting candidates time and means.

9. No unfairly restrictive requirements

Unless a contract or freelance position, your role may not require prior possession of the equipment necessary to perform the job (such as but not limited to: laptop, phone). Other overly specific criteria that could unfairly exclude qualified candidates may also warrant a removal.

10. Comply with accessibility requirements

Candidates with disabilities must be able to access your post. This means following our formatting guidelines and posting an english version of your job description.

11. Use a respectful tone

We maintain the right to remove any other roles which we deem to be disrespectful, derogatory or defamatory towards candidates. Violations could include job descriptions with condescending, sarcastic or callous tones.

Removal Policy

  • If your role is reported for minor violations, our team will attempt to contact you to review and edit your role

  • At this point you will have 24 hours to make corrections before the role is removed

  • If your role has not been updated by this point, the listing will be unpublished from our job board

  • Your subscription will remain active for you to edit and republish your role at your own convenience

  • If your role has been reported for major violations, your role will be immediately removed

  • You will be notified of this action and your account may be suspended

  • In certain circumstances, we may issue a refund

  • *** It’s very important to note you will not be entitled to a refund in all cases

Fees and Renewals

There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of job postings. Postings recur on a monthly basis and the user is required to update the auto-renewal on a monthly basis for each job post.

You understand and accept that you will not receive a refund of pre-paid fees, and to the extent that you have not paid the applicable fees, you will remain liable to pay the entire fees due for the job posting, as applicable, in the event that your job posting is in breach of our Policy.