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Transform how you hire, onboard and pay global contractors

Remote’s Contractor Management lets you onboard, manage and pay contractors all over the world at unbeatable prices - without skimping on quality and expertise.

  • Available in 180+ countries

  • Localised, compliant contract templates ready to use in the platform

  • With fair pricing guarantee, you only pay for contractors you’re actively working with

  • Recurring invoices and automated payments

  • Time-off tracking

FAQs for Employers

We process payments to contractors on the same day that we receive the funds from you. Most payments arrive at the contractor’s bank accounts within 2 days of Remote receiving your invoice payment. You can also access each invoice payment timeline on your dashboard.

Remote cannot process payments to your contractors before we receive your payment. Please note that some payments take 2-5 days to arrive at Remote’s bank accounts.

Once we receive your payment, we work with our payments partners to convert funds into your contractor’s withdrawal currency. For payments processed via Wise, Remote offers an FX rate guarantee period, to ensure your contractors receive the full invoiced amount in their local currency.

If you pay your contractors locally (for example you are both located in the US and transact in USD) there are no fees.

If currency conversion is required, contractors have the choice to invoice in their currency to get a fixed amount, which means the exchange and payment fees are included within our Remote conversion rate, or they can opt to invoice in a fixed billed amount meaning they pay the fees. This can be arranged directly between companies and contractors on which arrangement is best for them.

We don’t add any costs for direct debits or bank transfers, however we do add a surcharge for card payments to cover card interchange costs.

Yes - a contractor can choose which currency to bill in, this is dependent on their withdrawal method currency or the billing currency that you have set for your company on Remote.

FAQs for Contractors

Remote needs to receive funds from your employer before we can process your payment. If your payout has not been initiated within 7 days of invoice approval, please check with your employer, if they have remitted funds to Remote.

If you don’t receive the funds on your estimated date, please wait for 1-2 business days before contacting Remote at

You have the option to set your desired invoice amount in your local withdrawal currency, or your employer’s billing currency. Depending on your choice, Remote will automatically convert the funds received from your employer to your local withdrawal currency. For payments processed via Wise, Remote will guarantee that you receive the full invoiced amount in your local currency and protect you from currency fluctuations.

For payments processed via SWIFT (”wire” payments), our payment partners may charge a small amount that will be deducted from your payment ($5-$15 depending on the bank). Additionally, your local bank may charge additional fees. Please check with your bank for additional details.

Remote does not charge any additional fees for same currency payments facilitated via local payment networks.