Calculate the Cost to Hire Global Employees

With Remote’s cost calculator, you can get a full breakdown of mandatory social contributions and local taxes, as well as the average cost of benefits that are expected by employees in that country – all in just a few clicks! 

Using Remote’s cost calculator, you will be able to:

Input the country + salary of your prospective hire

  • Get a cost breakdown of all mandatory social contributions and local taxes
  • See the estimated costs of core benefits in that country (such as health insurance and retirement plans)
  • Compare the cost to hire against other countries around the world
  • Save the results as a PDF and share them with your team!

Want to hire in new markets but not sure how much it will actually cost?

With Remote, planning and budgeting for new international hires is simple.

We’ve turned our global hiring knowledge and expertise into an easy cost calculator that can be accessed within the Remote dashboard!

With just a few clicks, planning and budgeting for international hiring has never been easier! Sign up with Remote today to get started and access our full suite of global hiring tools and services.

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