Webinar: Mass-quitting in 2023. How to be an outlier company


Employment markets continue to experience massive upheaval. Is your business prepared to break the trend and retain your best employees in 2023 and beyond?

Watch this special online event from some of Remote's foremost experts on global employment. In this hour-long talk with a live Q&A, you will learn everything you need to know about why employees are leaving; signs to recognize resignations before they start; and how to make your company one they'll never want to leave.

What will you learn?

  • Exclusive new research on global employment trends from Remote
  • Signs of unhappy or burned out employees
  • Benefits to offer to keep your teams happy
  • Strategies to create a culture that rewards high performance
  • Leadership tips to communicate and operate in uncertain times

Your expert speakers

Join our expert panelists for this dynamic discussion and Q&A. Bring your questions!

Rhiannon Payne

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Rhiannon Payne is the author of The Remote Work Era and a product marketing leader at Remote. In her book, Rhiannon interviewed over 50 women remote workers globally and compiled their insights into a comprehensive guide to help others go remote and thrive. She is passionate about working while traveling, mental health advocacy, and mentoring others.

Sally Flaxman

Head of Mobility

Sally is the Head of Mobility at Remote. She established a team of domain experts that ensure that Remote remains immigration compliant across all of their entities. In addition, her team offers immigration and relocation support services enabling employees to work from their desired location. Her career spans multiple years of business-critical roles in Finance, International Operations, and Mobility that marks a journey from all-hands-on-deck startups to recognised Silicon Valley companies.

Joana Viana

Senior Expert, Global Benefits Design and Strategy

Joana Viana is a Senior Expert, Global Benefits Design and Strategy at Remote. With a background in Organisational Psychology, she has held several positions within the HR area, including Benefits Manager and Country Process Owner, as well as investing in continuous education to stay updated on the new research and literature and new ways of working. Most recently obtained "Agile Champion" and Business Coach certifications.

Inumidun Akinboboye

Senior Manager, People Excellence

Inumidun is the senior manager of people excellence at Remote. She specializes in creating and curating an amazing employee experience for all Remoters, finding and implementing unique ways to scale and automate our processes while remaining a people-first company. She has over 10 years experience in people operations and is a passionate advocate for remote work.