Webinar: Remote Contractor Management Product Demo

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Learn how Remote Contractor Management makes it easy to hire and manage international contractors in this product demo webinar. Our Remote Contractor Management experts, Manasa Manogaran and Ellen Sutton, walk through some of the most helpful features and provide expert tips along the way.

This on-demand video includes live examples of how to onboard your first contractor, how to manage invoices, and how to set up payment options. Our experts also show how easy it is for your contractor to get started with Remote, including bank account setup and invoicing!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to onboard contractors
  • How to manage outstanding invoices
  • How to track payments status
  • How scheduled and recurring invoices work
  • Why thousands of companies trust Remote Contractor Management for their global teams
  • How to find support and assistance from our team whenever you need it

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Your expert speakers

Meet the experts behind the magic of Remote Contractor Management!

Ellen Sutton

Principal Product Manager

Ellen is a principal product manager at Remote, where she leads contractor management. Based in Nashville, Ellen has more than 20 years of product development experience. Joining the Remote team was an easy decision, as she was inspired by Remote’s mission to break down barriers to remote opportunities worldwide.

Manasa Manogaran

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Manasa is a senior product marketing manager at Remote. Based out of India, she is a huge remote work fan and cannot recommend it enough! She is passionate about product marketing and enjoys decoding customer and buyer journeys.