Rippling vs. Remote

Running a global business can be difficult, especially when you're scaling. You need a global employment partner that can scale with you, without sacrificing quality.

Below, you'll see a how Remote and Rippling's employee management platforms compare on employer of record capabilities, contractor management services, pricing, and more. 

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Compare Remote

  • Pricing

  • EOR Capabilities

  • Global Payroll Capabilities

  • Contractor Capabilities

  • Security

  • Integrations




$599 per employee per month

Starts at $500 per employee per month, up to $600

Additional fees for employees

No additional fees



$29 per contractor per month: only pay for the contractors you actually work with

No public pricing

Additional fees for contractors

3% credit card processing fee



$50 per employee per month

No public pricing

Additional fees for global payroll

Implementation: 1 month of payroll

Year-end closing: 1 month of payroll

Optional country-specific services apply separately



15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFS15OFF

No startup program

Social Purpose Organisations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, benefit corporations)

15% discount on Remote service fees for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months with the code RFG15OFF

No social purpose organisation program

Hiring Refugee Talent

Free for any full-time refugee talent hired

No refugee talent program

Owned entities

100% fully owned entities

Country Explorer

Limited country availability

Localised benefits package and administration

Ironclad IP and invention rights protection

Equity incentive planning support

Employee mobile app

Transparent service metrics


Number of countries supported


Not public

Government / Labour authority declarations

Tax authority declarations


Payroll support

Global payments

Exchange fees

Mid-market rate plus 1%


Locally compliant contracts

Tax document management

Localised guidance for hiring contractors in each country

Contractor payment methods

Wire transfer, Wise, Payoneer


Contractor payment card

Contractor health benefits

GDPR Compliant

SOC 2 Compliant

ISO 27001 Certified

Customizable API





Coming soon

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Questions to ask when comparing global employment solutions

  • How many countries can I compliantly hire in?

    Scaling your business is hard enough - don't be limited by the number of countries your chosen EOR partner can hire team-members in. When you choose Remote, you can be confident that you can hire, manage, and pay people around the world with full compliance.

  • Is my Intellectual Property (IP) protected?

    Your IP is your business. Some providers outsource HR and payroll administration to local third parties, which can cause you a lot of headaches by exposing your IP to risk. Be prepared to have local legal IP and invention rights experts review contracts with each third party to ensure maximum protection in each country.

  • What level of support can I expect?

    Whether you're just getting started on your global hiring journey, or if you're scaling, you need the confidence that you can get the advice you need to reduce risk, avoid costly fines and penalties, and operate with compliance. Remote's global knowledge, experience, and expert team are available to advise on everything from payroll considerations and local expectations, to when you can and can't give equity to workers, and more.

Compare Rippling vs. Remote in more detail

  • Features

  • Employer of record capabilities

  • Contractor management

  • Global payroll

  • Intellectual property protections

  • Data security

  • Software and platform

  • Customer support


Remote magically simplifies global employment with fully transparent pricing. Hire an employee in any country we support for just $599 per month when billed annually. You don't need to think about the other compliance, taxes, benefits, and payroll issues. Paying contractors through Remote is just $29 per contractor per month - and you'll only pay for contractors you're actively working with each month. No hidden charges, and 24/7 customer service, makes Remote the smart choice.

Rippling doesn't publish pricing, making it difficult to compare your options. Customers report pricing at between $500-600 per employee per month. Their platform requires you to opt-in to different services, each adding additional costs to your bill and preventing you from scaling efficiently. Rippling's service doesn't include support and advice - meaning you'll pay additional costs for legal counsel, HR advice, and more.

Pricing comparison information


Own Legal Entities


From $599 /employee/month no long term commitments or extra fees

Over $100k per location, depending on country requirements and ongoing administration


Onboarding in minutes

3-12 months depending on country


24/7 support from our network of local HR, legal and finance experts.

Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws

Cost of winding down an entity if you decide to close it

There are no commitments and you can always transfer your employees.

You may have to spend thousands and keep working with gov/administrators to wind down over months.

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Employer of record capabilities

Remote operates legal entities in every country where we conduct business. This ensures a seamless and unified experience for your international employees in terms of payroll, benefits, and support. Our advanced technology and dedicated HR professionals handle all aspects, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your team.

Rippling, as a new Employer of Record provider, also operates its own entities. However it's reported to offer EOR services in only six countries with a slow expansion plan. This severely limits your hiring pool, making it difficult to hire the best talent around the world wherever they're based. In practice, you would use multiple providers - making it difficult to streamline your operations via one platform. They also do not offer ancillary support and advice on topics like visa and immigration support or equity planning.

Contractor management

Remote's contractor management platform includes invoice management and payments for just $29 per contractor per month in over 170 countries. Our platform allows contractors to easily submit invoices for approval and receive payment in their local currency, with no additional currency exchange fees.

Rippling offers contractor payroll as part of its HR product. This drives up costs, especially as you may not use the full feature set for your international contractors.

Global payroll

Remote's global payroll service provides a hassle-free solution for paying international employees. With transparent and straightforward pricing, an intuitive self-serve platform, and knowledgeable support, businesses can confidently manage their global payroll in just minutes.

Rippling also offers multi-country payroll services, but doesn't share the number of countries supported, pricing, or other features on its website. This makes it difficult to compare providers and choose the right provider for your needs. Rippling's product is primarily self-service, which makes it difficult to ensure you're following the correct processes and meeting compliance regulations without on-hand payroll support. You may also find your team are quickly overwhelmed with making manual declarations to government, labour, and tax authorities.

Intellectual property protections

Remote includes unparalleled protection for your intellectual property rights by default. As a global employment solution that never relies on third-party providers, our exclusive three-step IP transfer process - Remote IP Guard - ensures your IP is safeguarded by the full extent of the law in every country we operate in. When you're hiring employees and contractors all over the world and they're accessing importnat company information, you need clarity and confidence.

Rippling doesn't mention the importance of intellectual property transfer as part of their service. This may mean you're not protected to the maximum extent of local laws, leaving you open to IP theft, unauthorised use, and more.

Data security

Remote is fully compliant with European GDPR rules, has achieved the rigorous SOC 2 certification to keep your data safe, and is ISO20071 certified.

Rippling is compliant with GDPR and SOC 2 certification, but isn't ISO20071 certified.

Software and platform

Remote makes it simple to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees and contractors around the world. You can go from offer accepted to contract signed in as little as two days. The whole process is managed in our modern, beautiful platform - no need for long email chains. You're guided through the whole process with smart tips and information at each step to demystify the international hiring journey.

Rippling offers a modern user interface to manage people, payments, benefits, and compliance but, designed as a HR and finance platform, may be confusing for companies that are just getting started - and not enough for companies that are scaling their international hiring strategy.

Customer support

Remote’s team deliver expert support for all your global employment needs. Our worldwide support is available through email and chat to ensure prompt and knowledgeable assistance. From relocation to permanent establishment and more, our in-house experts have the experience to handle all aspects of onboarding, management, and offboarding without relying on any third-party providers.

Rippling offers a help center, but lacks the indepth expert support required to operate global hiring at scale. This means you may not get the answers you need, driving up costs and time as you seek outside advice.

* Competitive data on this page was collected as of November 21st, 2022 and is subject to change or update. Remote does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

Integrations built to simplify HR from end to end

Remote partners with the most powerful HR systems to seamlessly connect their people, payroll, and HR data. Through our Remote API and native partner integrations, we empower our partners to leverage our global infrastructure in their offerings and help more customers scale their global teams faster.

Customer Stories

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See how we help customers simply hire, pay and manage their team

  • “We’re a publicly listed company, so we needed the stability and reliability of a well-known brand to help us scale; with the support, the roadmap, and the ability to support multiple countries — and handle all the compliance wherever we wanted to hire. Remote immediately ticked all those boxes."
  • "Remote is a very strong partner for us. Onboarding is easy and everything is compliant, from their benefits, payroll, contract and other nuances specific to that particular country. The platform is very easy and straightforward for the new joiners, which wasn't the case with our previous provider. It’s a better experience for our global workforce."
  • “Remote has been instrumental in our growth. It would have been impossible to manage such a high volume of hires internally without their support. They provide the whole package, combined with great account management.”