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Remote IP Guard offers the strongest protections in the industry for your intellectual property and invention rights.

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We understand that intellectual property rights (IPRs) are among your company’s most valuable assets. When team members work remotely in different countries, ensuring ownership of IPRs can be challenging. Remote IP Guard uses a seamless two-staged approach to ensure maximum protection and ownership for our clients. This process is also totally transparent, allowing you to trace the chain of IP transfer from the employee(s) to you.

Step 1: The IPRs are assigned or transferred from the Employee(s) to the Remote local entity pursuant to: (a) local law – because IP produced in the course of employment typically transfers automatically to the legal employer; and (b) pursuant to Remote’s comprehensively drafted IP documentation which is signed by the employee and the Remote local entity. This document will always have been produced and regularly checked by qualified lawyers within the employee’s country and you will always be able to access this documentation directly in our platform.

Step 2: The IPRs are assigned or transferred from the Remote local entity, which offers employment services, directly to you, the customer, under our Terms of Service. There are no intra-group transfers. Note that we have established and we control our employing legal entities in all countries where we operate, so there’s no risk of reliance on third parties when it comes to IP.

As the Employer of Record (EOR), we take full responsibility for the transfer and we provide an indemnity that covers you if things were ever to go wrong.

Shield your business against the dangers of IP loss

local entities

Stronger protection through local entities

Some global employment providers pass your IP to their partners, exposing you to increased risk. Not Remote. We own legal entities in all of the countries where we operate, eliminating opportunities for IP risk and ensuring you maintain ownership of what’s yours. Remote works with local experts in all the countries we operate, and we constantly monitor changes in IP law and update agreements and protections accordingly.

ip transfer process

Ironclad two-step transfer

When we employ team members on your behalf, we use a secure and transparent two-step process to transfer your IPRs directly to you. You can easily trace the chain of IP transfer — from the employee to the Remote entity to you — and rest assured that it’s protected.

Our local and international expertise allows us to provide comprehensive IP protection services in every country. You’ll always receive full IP ownership in complete adherence with the laws of the countries where your employees work.

multiple industries

Coverage for every industry

Whether you work in tech, finance, energy, manufacturing, or another industry, we have you covered. Remote’s local and international legal experts know how to protect your company’s IP in every situation.

remote ip guard

Safe Remote IP Guard

Putting your IP at risk can lead to disaster. With Remote IP Guard, we never take that chance.

  • Partner Trust:Your customers and partners depend on your ability to secure your IP.

  • Audit Failure: Before a liquidity event, like an IPO or acquisition, your IP ownership must pass inspection.

  • Legal Battles: Don’t get dragged into court against your employees or contractors abroad.

  • Reputation Harm: Put your company in the news for the right reasons, not for a messy legal fight or IP loss.

What companies with remote workers should know about IP

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote IP Guard guarantees the transfer of IPRs between employees and clients via a secure two-step approach.

Yes. Clients are guaranteed to receive the IPRs obtained from the employee via the Terms of Service signed by both parties. This is a material part of Remote’s obligation.

Yes. We have a letter from an external law firm which can be provided to clients upon request.

No. There has never been a report of Remote IP Guard failing.

No, because clients are covered by Remote IP Guard and are guaranteed to receive their IPRs, there are no adverse effects. This is one of the benefits of partnering with a professional EOR company.

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