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Fast, flexible, and simple contractor management with Remote


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Contractors make up a large portion of today's global workforce. Hiring contractors is a great way to test international markets as you begin your global hiring journey. It can also create questions about compliance, cross-border payments, and more. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest Contractor Management capabilities that enable you to onboard, pay, and manage contractors across the world. 

Hire global contractors with Remote

Hiring contractors is an easy way to grow your business, add extra bandwidth, and move faster. Overall, contracting provides flexibility to both workers and employers. 

Working with contractors can also be an administrative minefield! Not only do you need to understand local labor and tax laws, keep up-to-date with misclassification rules, but also work out how to manage international payments. There’s also the question of how you build trust and connection with a distributed workforce, made up of both contractors and full-time employees. 

Remote’s Contractor Management capabilities helps companies reduce manual admin work and makes it simple for contractors to get paid compliantly and on time. Let’s find out how.

Onboard contractors compliantly in minutes, with customizable contracts

Operating without legal agreements between you and your contractors could leave both parties open to risks. If you’re using generic contracts for your international contractors today, you may not have adequate protection - leaving you open to unnecessary risks.

Remote now offers 17 customizable contracts directly in our platform, localized to meet each country’s labor laws. These protect your business against legal claims, intellectual property transfers, and potential misclassification disputes. 

In addition to our localized contracts, our in-house legal experts have created companion guides to help you understand the laws in each country in language you can understand. Each guide details relevant laws regarding contractor employment, plus information on each country’s misclassification rules. Our guides save you time and money that would be spent working with outside counsels on legal contracts and advice. 

Where necessary, contracts are available in multiple languages and can be completed in Remote for a seamless signing experience. Just complete the fields, sign, send to your contractor, and receive back your fully executed contract. 

Remote in-app localized contracts for contractor agreements

Save time with automated invoicing approvals and payments

Whether you work with one contractor or 500 contractors, invoice approvals and payments require a lot of effort to ensure they’re paid on time and in the correct currency. 

We’ve made this process effortless. Remote invoice automation makes it easier than ever to manage your invoices and payments and put them on autopilot. 

Your contractors can create their invoices inside Remote, so there’s no need to use spreadsheets or separate software. They can also be set up to recur on a regular basis—perfect for long-term contracts.

Invoices are then ready for approval in your Remote dashboard. Approve with one-click and they’re added to your next payment request. Soon, you’ll be able to set up automatic approvals, with payments linked to credit cards or direct debit payments methods.


Send one payment for all contractors in your local currency

Processing international payments is usually more difficult than it needs to be. Even the smallest payments are hit with hidden transaction charges and inflated conversion rates.

With our financial network, Remote removes the complexities of international payments. You can easily manage and approve one-off and recurring invoices using the Remote platform.

Send one payment request to Remote in your preferred currency, and we’ll automatically distribute funds to pay your contractor invoices. Paying all of your local and international contractors really is that simple. 

Focus on your business, not contractor administration

Remote makes contractor management fast, flexible, and easy for businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you’re growing your business with contractor support, or looking to simplify your existing contractor management process, get started with Remote today.