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2024 Remote Influencer Report

Our fourth annual Remote Influencer Report is the ultimate guide to the most inspiring and influential thought leaders in the world of remote work. The report has:

  • The top 150 remote influencers broken into 3 categories
  • Remote leadership and working tips from the influencers
  • Free remote resources to help you thrive in a remote setting

Download the 2024 Remote Influencer Report

About the Remote Influencer Report

Each year, we publish a new version of the report highlighting the top 150 remote influencers. Whether you’re new to remote work, just curious, or have been working remotely for ages, this report will provide you with today's top influential thought leaders in the remote working world. To make it as useful as possible, we’ve included resources that these inspiring individuals have been part of creating, links to their social media profiles, and icons to indicate whether they are speakers or published authors. We hope it sparks ideas, uncovers opportunities, and keeps you curious! 


Who are 2024’s biggest remote work influencers?

The report shines a light on remarkable leaders who offer genuinely transformative insights for everyone seeking out the best of the best in remote work leadership.
We break the report into three types of influencers: Remote Innovators, Enablers, and Accelerators.

  • Innovators are those who paved the way for remote work

  • Enablers are those who make remote work possible today

  • Accelerators are the ones who influence what our working world will look like in the future

These influencers are the ones who keep remote work thriving and whom you should be following to create a better, more connected remote working future. 

What makes this report special

It was important to us that we not simply create a one-dimensional list of advocates for remote work. We took a global and diverse view, ensuring that we only include people who can offer truly transformative and encouraging insights for those who want to learn how to implement remote work in a way that benefits everyone involved. With the help of our three judges and our CEO, we were able to identify a list of influencers who inspire companies making the transition to remote work and those optimising their existing strategies. Some influencers on our list even provide news and analysis on topics such as legal obligations for managers who are currently responsible for remote working teams. 

This year’s report includes expert tips and tricks from the influencers themselves, as well as links to resources that they provide, books they have written, and channels where they provide regular expert guidance.

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How we built the report

We looked at our previous reports from 2021 and 2022 to analyse which individuals continued to have influence on the remote work topic. We used a combination of research and social listening to identify new names to add to our list. We cross-referenced articles citing remote work influencers to see who was really leading the conversation. To ensure we found the best people, we researched academics, analysts and workplace experts who have been ahead of the curve on remote work innovations for decades and took a deep look at companies that have been created with a fully remote model or have recently transitioned to a remote-first approach. We also invited our community of remote work advocates from all over the world to nominate outstanding individuals.

We partnered with 3 experts (who have been featured on the report a number of times) for our final evaluation process. Darren Murph is the VP of workplace design and remote experience at Andela and is considered a visionary in the field of organisational design. Monica H. Kang is not only the founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox but also the author of books like Rethinking Creativity. And finally, Chase Warrington is the Head of Remote at Doist, a pioneer of distributed work that specialises in productivity software. With their expertise regarding remote working innovators, enablers, and accelerators, they helped us select the best 150 experts and bring them together in this report.

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