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Remote handles global payroll, tax, benefits, and compliance for distributed teams.

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Make that remote hire with complete peace of mind

More organizations are looking to hire beyond their borders so they can rapidly expand into new regions or make key hires. And more employees are now demanding flexible work options – they simply don’t want to be tied to living close to a physical office.

Enabling remote work helps organizations attract and retain top talent — it’s no longer a nice-to-have, but now an expectation. Companies can also look to the international talent pool to improve their diversity and representation goals.

Traditionally, hiring international workers required companies to set up their own legal entity in every location, delaying hiring plans by months, with setup and ongoing maintenance costs exceeding $100,000.

Remote offers a new way to expand internationally. As an employer of record we handle HR responsibilities and tasks on your behalf through our local entities. You can onboard remote employees in minutes around the world and retain day-to-day management, without the admin.

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Setting up legal entities versus hiring internationally with Remote

You may be considering setting up a legal entity in a new country so you can save money in the long term. This do-it-yourself approach makes sense if you already have a large team with international hiring expertise and the budget to make it happen. But, what if you don’t have infinite resources and you still want to experiment in a new market? How can you do that safely and cost-effectively? Markets and business priorities are constantly changing, so the time and effort you put into setting up a legal entity can end up being a sunk cost if it doesn’t work out the way you expected.

While there are always risks to hiring in a new country, you can greatly reduce those risks by partnering with us. We employ people all over the world and have dedicated HR and legal experts who can help you navigate the nuances of hiring in each country, including cultural norms, employee expectations, and of course, tax and labor laws.

Below is a breakdown of what it takes to set up your own legal entity vs. partnering with us.

Hiring with Remote

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Own legal entities



From $299 /employee/month no long term commitments or extra fees


Over $100k per location, depending on country requirements and ongoing administration



Onboarding in minutes

3-12 months depending on country



24/7 support from our network of local HR, legal and finance experts.

Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws

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Own legal entities


Over $100k per location, depending on country requirements and ongoing administration


3-12 months depending on country


Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws

Permanent establishment is a tax term for businesses that have an ongoing presence in a country. Each country has its own criteria to determine whether a business is classified correctly which may mean they need to pay additional taxes and meet in-depth compliance regulations.

Hassle-free international hiring


Onboard new hires in minutes

Our self-serve platform is designed to streamline onboarding and day-to-day HR tasks.

  • Add new employees in seconds and invite them to complete their profile, verify their identity, and opt in to benefits
  • Manage all payroll information, expense approvals, time-off requests, and employment details
  • Store important employment documents in one place
  • Connect directly with your HRIS, ERP, and other HR tools to make onboarding even faster
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Leverage our in-country experts

Our network of HR and legal experts constantly monitors ever-changing local regulations and are available to help if you have questions.

  • Pay employees in their local currencies according to local labor laws and best practices
  • Offer statutory benefits by default with additional best-in-class benefits and perks available per country
  • Support for HR issues from disciplinary and offboarding challenges to salary changes, recognition, and rewards
  • Get 24/7 support from our in-country experts


Build trust across your global team

Employees want to be treated equally no matter where they live. We ensure that every employee receives best-in-class treatment according to the laws and norms of each country.

  • Salaries are paid in local currencies, respecting any local customs like regular payment schedules and 13th month salary payments, if applicable
  • Statutory benefits are provided by default; companies can opt in to provide additional healthcare, insurance benefits, and other perks
  • International relocations can be supported through our visa and immigration service
  • Our in-house local HR experts provide 24/7 employee support
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Your trusted partner for international hiring


Offload compliance to the experts

Remote acts as the employer of record and is responsible for compliance with international labor laws, payroll, and employment taxes. Companies using Remote are not exposed to the risks of traditional employment.

  • UK map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in the United Kingdom.

    • £18 million for non-compliance with GDPR
    • £3,000+ fine for unpaid Statutory Sick Pay
    • Unlimited fine for failing to comply with obligations under the Working Time Regulation
  • Canada map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in Canada.

    • $1,000CAD for each day that employment records are not presented for the previous 36 months
    • 2 year ban in trading for non-compliance relating to temporary workers
    • Up to $250,000CAD for no Long-Term Disability Plan
  • California map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in CA, United States.

    • $20,130 per violation for not fulfilling the eligibility-to-work documentation
    • $300 civil penalty for each violation of the Equal Pay Act
    • Ceasing of operations for unlicensed business
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No third-party local partners

Remote can offer more flexibility and transparency in the locations we serve because we own and operate our own local entities. We don’t outsource to third-party local providers which add unnecessary costs, delays, and offer less accountability.


Security you can trust

Sensitive financial and employment data is fully protected by our strict processes and secure systems monitored by our in-house security team. Remote is GDPR and SOC 2 compliant for your peace of mind.

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Iron-clad IP and inventionrights transfer

Remote IP Guard guarantees the strongest protection for your valuable intellectual property. Operating our own local entities, plus our international expertise, allows us to provide the most comprehensive protection.

Often overlooked, intellectual property laws vary from country to country. Failing to protect your IP and invention rights can come with serious consequences.

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