The 2022 Remote
Influencer Report

Who are the most influential and insightful voices in remote work today? Wonder no more: The 2022 Remote Influencer Report has searched the globe to find the most trustworthy experts on the future of work.

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Who are 2022’s biggest remote work influencers?

The Remote Influencer Report list is unlike any other. By taking a globally diverse view, we identify and include only those experts who offer genuinely transformative insights for everyone seeking out the best of the best in remote work leadership.

This year’s report brings together 150 experts from around the world. From the pioneers who have been leading the movement for years to individuals who are enabling the expansion of remote capabilities across borders, as well as the creators of the tools and frameworks required to make remote work a reality, you can find them all right here.

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What makes this report special

Remote’s goal is committed to bringing people together, no matter where those people live. We envision a world where every person and every business can find belonging in the global market. Despite the recent advances in remote work, though, many organizations are still struggling to embrace the new working model and unlock its power.

That’s where the Remote Influencer Report comes in. For the second year, we have created the ultimate guide to the most inspiring and influential thinkers in the remote working world. These are the people you need to know if you are adapting or transitioning to a remote model; a remote worker looking for tips; or an HR leader trying to get a better understanding of how work will evolve in the future.

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First, we looked at our 2021 Remote Influencer Report to determine which individuals continued to have influence throughout the shifts in remote work over the last year. We then used a combination of desk research and social listening to identify new names to add to our list. We cross-referenced articles citing remote work influencers to see who was really leading the conversation. To ensure we found the best people, we researched academics, analysts, and workplace experts who have been vocal about remote work innovations and took a deep look at companies with remote-first leadership or impressive remote transition execution. We also invited our community of remote work advocates from all over the world to nominate outstanding individuals.

The result of our research was a long list of nearly 500 people, each worthy of being considered a remote work influencer. We then selected the 50 most relevant personalities in each of our three categories (Innovators, Enablers, and Accelerators), resulting in a total of 150 individuals leading the remote work movement.

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