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2024 Remote Influencer Report

Our fourth annual Remote Influencer Report is the ultimate guide to the most inspiring and influential thought leaders in the world of remote work. The report has:

  • The top 150 remote influencers broken into 3 categories
  • Remote leadership and working tips from the influencers
  • Free remote resources to help you thrive in a remote setting

Download the 2024 Remote Influencer Report

About the Remote Influencer Report

Each year, we publish a new version of the report highlighting the top 150 remote influencers. Whether you’re new to remote work, just curious, or have been working remotely for ages, this report will provide you with today's top influential thought leaders in the remote working world. To make it as useful as possible, we’ve included resources that these inspiring individuals have been part of creating, links to their social media profiles, and icons to indicate whether they are speakers or published authors. We hope it sparks ideas, uncovers opportunities, and keeps you curious! 

Who are 2024’s biggest remote work influencers?

The report shines a light on remarkable leaders who offer genuinely transformative insights for everyone seeking out the best of the best in remote work leadership.
We break the report into three types of influencers: Remote Innovators, Enablers, and Accelerators.

  • Innovators are those who paved the way for remote work

  • Enablers are those who make remote work possible today

  • Accelerators are the ones who influence what our working world will look like in the future

These influencers are the ones who keep remote work thriving and whom you should be following to create a better, more connected remote working future. 

What makes the Remote Influencer Report unique?

At the center of this report are people who are dedicated to transforming the workplace as we know it. We looked at how they have changed the movement toward a more flexible working environment and how they continue to drive change. Some have built companies essential to a well-functioning remote work setting, as they provide tools or training. Others are focusing all their efforts on spreading the word about a remote-first world, promoting it through any possible channel of communication. 

The people we have included in our report are highly passionate about remote work. All of them are doing the groundwork to inspire and help others to do the same, continuously learning and improving as they share ways to embrace remote work and tools to empower others. 

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How the report is built

Every year, we start by going through our previous Remote Influencer Reports to see which of our previously named influencers continue to significantly impact the world of remote work. We also review nominations of remote work advocates we gathered throughout the year from our global community. 

We then develop a list of 225 influencers using the following criteria to determine whether a person qualifies for our list:  

  • Are they advocating for remote and flexible work practices?

  • Are they actively leading change or influencing others?

  • Do they demonstrate innovation or disruptive thinking? 

  • Do they provide accessible advice and guidance?

To finalize the list, we ask our expert panel of judges to review the list of influencers in their respective category (innovators, enablers, or accelerators) and vote based on their experience and knowledge. This results in the top 150 individuals leading the remote work movement with 50 in each category.

More Resources

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Identifying the top influencers in remote work each year is no easy task, and we know there are others who are making waves. If you know someone who you think should be on the next Remote Influencer Report, you can nominate them below.

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Download the 2024 Remote Influencer Report