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Make global HR feel like local HR with one unified platform

From salary simulations to payroll approvals, Remote makes it easy to run a remote global organization.

01- Onboarding
Global team onboarding in a few clicks

Our simple, unified platform makes it easy to go
from getting salary estimates to issuing your first payslip.

  • Get salary and benefits simulations in each country.

  • Onboard employees without ever leaving your browser.

  • Simplify global complexities into a friendly user interface.

02- Data management
Centralized documentation and approvals

Streamlined documentation and approval systems reduce manual HR tasks, allowing you to manage your global workforce with ease.

  • Find all your employees’ documentation in your team directory.

  • Manage time off and sync automatically with payroll.

  • Access all documents in a single platform, from employee contracts to expense receipts.

03 - HR operations
Payroll, taxes, and benefits made easy

Let our team of people professionals handle the complexities
of running your global operations while our HR software keeps management simple.

  • Manage payroll and time off.

  • Handle local employment taxes.

  • Keep up with statutory and supplementary benefits.


Avoid expensive compliance mistakes

Stay compliant and get ahead of ever-changing local regulations that affect your company. Let our team of labor law attorneys and HR specialists protect your business.

  • Avoid compliance fines in canada flagCanada

    • $1,000CAD for each day that employment records are not presented for the previous 36 months

    • 2 year ban in trading for non-compliance relating to temporary workers

    • Up to $250,000CAD for no Long-Term Disability Plan

  • Avoid compliance fines in united-kingdom flagUnited Kingdom

    • £18 million for non-compliance with GDPR

    • £3,000+ fine for unpaid Statutory Sick Pay

    • Unlimited fine for failing to comply with obligations under the Working Time Regulation

    United Kingdom
  • Avoid compliance fines in united-states flagCalifornia, United States

    • $20,130 per violation for not fulfilling the eligibility-to-work documentation

    • $300 civil penalty for each violation of the Equal Pay Act

    • Up to $250,000 for unlicensed business

    Monument valley, utah, u.s.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how we help customers simply hire, pay and manage their team

  • “We’re a publicly listed company, so we needed the stability and reliability of a well-known brand to help us scale; with the support, the roadmap, and the ability to support multiple countries — and handle all the compliance wherever we wanted to hire. Remote immediately ticked all those boxes."
  • "Remote is a very strong partner for us. Onboarding is easy and everything is compliant, from their benefits, payroll, contract and other nuances specific to that particular country. The platform is very easy and straightforward for the new joiners, which wasn't the case with our previous provider. It’s a better experience for our global workforce."
  • “Remote has been instrumental in our growth. It would have been impossible to manage such a high volume of hires internally without their support. They provide the whole package, combined with great account management.”

Remote’s full suite of solutions

One simple hub for your whole global team

User-friendly platform

Easily manage your employees and contractors, including paid leave requests, reimbursements, and payroll

Global expertise

When you hire and pay employees or contractors through Remote, we ensure compliance with local laws throughout the entire employment lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, reducing your risk and saving you time and money.

Automate your entire HR tech stack

Connect Remote to industry-leading applicant tracking systems, HRIS, and other platforms to save time and reduce data entry.

Get started in minutes

Sign up to start adding your team in no time. Remote's rapid onboarding will have new starters onboarding in days, not months.

Peace of mind with data protection handled

Our dedicated security team closely monitors our applications and infrastructure to make sure your data remains protected at all times.

More than 1,500 decision makers and employee in North America, Europe, APAC and Latin America reveal how their companies are preparing for a distributed future. Download now and read about the rise of globally distributed teams.

Onboard elite global talent with built-in compliance

Remote's global employment platform gives you the deep, localized expertise you need to avoid the serious time, cost, and risk of going it alone.


Global Employment FAQs

As your business grows and becomes more global in scope, employment challenges can build.

Remote is purpose-built to make global HR feel like local HR. Customers get one comprehensive platform with everything you need to manage the complexity of international HR processes.

With Remote, you can hire, pay, and manage a global team with compliance assured.

A global employment organization can act as your employer of record (EOR) to help you legally hire in countries where you don't own an entity.

Typically, your EOR will handle can support you with:

  • Payroll and tax administration

  • Employee benefits

  • Health Insurance

  • Local laws and taxation guidance

  • Immigration or visa/work permit assistance

  • Manage international contractors

  • Distribute employee stock options across national borders

With a reliable EOR partner, you can quickly and safely hire and pay workers globally without going through the expensive and difficult process of opening your own legal entities in multiple countries.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing your global employment requirements is operational efficiency.

Once you have a Global Employment Organization managing your HR administrative tasks, you can quickly enter new markets without the need for establishing local entities.

  • Expand into new markets quickly

  • Access to a local team of experts specialized in HR, Tax, Compliance, Mobility

  • Avoid compliance mistakes and risks

  • Streamlined payroll, documentation and approvals

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